How often can I apply?

Organisations are eligible to receive a grant once every 12 months.

Can I apply for a Quick Response Grant and a Community Grant?

No. If you are successful in receiving funding then you are not eligible to receive a grant again for 12 months.

Can an individual apply?

No. You need to be a registered Incorporated Society or a registered Charity and have been operating for at least 12 months.

Can I apply for funding if my project is next week?

No, your project or activity needs to take place after a decision has been made by Foundation North. Complete applications take between eight weeks to four months to process, so if you are concerned about when you might receive your grant (if successful) please call a funding advisor on 0800 272 878.

Do I have to apply online?

Please contact us on 0800 272 878 if you are unable to apply online.

Can I talk to someone about our application?

Grants advisors are available on the telephone Monday to Friday between 8.30 and 5pm to answer queries and provide assistance with your funding request. Call 0800 272 878. We also have regular community sessions where we are available to meet with groups. Please see our website and Facebook page for our next community sessions. Grants advisors may contact you for further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your funding request.

Can I re-apply if my application was unsuccessful?

Yes. If your application is unsuccessful then you don’t have to wait 12 months before re-applying. Prior to re-applying we recommend that you speak to a grants advisor to see how well-aligned your application is to Foundation North’s priorities and policies.

My organisation operates outside of Auckland and Northland. Can I apply?

Not unless services are directly delivered or directly impacting on the Auckland and Northland region.

How do I know if my project would be a good fit for Partnerships or Innovation funding?

Partnerships - The Foundation will proactively identify potential partner organisations (that are already pillars in our region's community), through existing funding relationships or research and/or strategic initiatives that may arise. This programme is by invitation only, and is designed to create long-term strategic and regional partnerships between the Foundation and organisations with whom we share outcomes we want to achieve. Innovation Unit - more details about this programme will be on our website soon.

Do I need to have a committee resolution included with my application?

Yes, your application will be ineligible without a committee resolution/mandate to confirm that the application is authorised by your organisation's governing body.

How many letters of support do I need?

For applications for Quick Response funding (up to $25,000), a letter of support is required that is signed and dated. The letter should be no older than 6 months old and from a community organisation that you have worked with. For applications for Community Grants (over $25,000), 2 letters of support are required. Both letters are required to be signed and dated and no older than 6 months. The letters need to be from community organisations that you have worked with. Please check our website - Useful Guides.

When will we hear a decision on our application?

For Quick Response, we will endeavour to respond within two months of receiving a complete application. For Community Grants we will endeavour to respond within four months of receiving a complete application. If you are concerned about when you might receive your grant (if your application is successful) please call a funding advisor on 0800 272 878.

Do I need to supply quotes?

If you are applying for funding for equipment or building projects, quotes are required. Please check our website Useful Guides for further information. Please note if your organisation is GST registered any approved grant will exclude GST.

When is the next closing date?

There are no closing dates for our funding programmes. Complete applications take between eight weeks and four months to process, so if you are concerned about when you might receive your grant (if successful) please call a funding advisor on 0800 272 878.

Do my accounts need to be audited?

Annual Accounts need to be included with your application. If your request is for less than $40,000, your accounts are not required to be audited. If your request is for more than $40,000, your accounts need to be audited by a person who has a recognised accounting qualification. Please check our website - Useful Guides.

Do I need to send you receipts to confirm payment or invoices?

No. You are only required to provide invoices for building projects.

In the Funding Hub, is the Username and Login the same thing?

Your login and username are the same things. For new applicants in the Funding Hub, you can select your username/login. For previous users of our online system, it will be the email address that you used to register under our previous system. You will be able to reset the password once re-registered.

Where can I get help with the Funding Hub?

We have created a Funding Hub Guide in the Useful Guides page on our website. This will give you more information on the hub, how to use the hub to set up Moderators, submit an application, submit a report and track grants, payments and conditions.

What can I see when I log into the Funding Hub?

You can see information about your organisation, information on the people associated with your organisation, any applications in progress, all previous applications, active grants, your reporting requirements, any outstanding conditions and payments from Foundation North. Go to our Useful Guides page for a Funding Hub Guide.

The Funding Hub is not loading properly. What do I do?

• Make sure you are using Google Chrome as your Internet Browser. • Make sure you have cleared your browsing history (cache).

What is a moderator?

A moderator is the key contact for an organisation and receives email notifications from Foundation North. Moderators have special access rights to: • Create/change your organisation’s information • Add or remove people associated with your organisation Your organisation can select more than one Moderator to ensure cover if someone is away.

How are Moderators chosen?

It is up to your organisation to select, add or change your Moderator. You will need to provide an email to Foundation North to confirm this change. For organisations that have applied over the past 12 months, the Moderator has been set by Foundation North as the Primary Contact for the last application. If your organisation does not have an identified Moderator, you will need to call us on 0800 272 878 and your nominated moderator will be set up.

What information will the Moderator/primary contact receive?

The Moderator will receive notifications from Foundation North via email about where to find information in the Funding Hub. The information received might include: • Requests for more information on an application • Decisions made on applications • Notification of any conditions relating to a decision • How and when payments have been actioned • Any reports that may be due relating to payments or Impact

I need to tell Foundation North about changes to the Moderator of my organisation – what do I do?

If there is more than one Moderator for your organisation, one of the Moderators can make people connected to your organisation ‘inactive’ or add new people to your organisation information. If the organisation only has one Moderator and that person leaves the organisation or is away, please contact us on 0800 272 878.

What can other people associated with my organisation do in the Funding Hub?

• Submit an application for your organisation • Upload documents relating to your application

How do I log in to the Funding Hub if my organisation is currently registered with Foundation North?

For applicants who were already registered under the previous online system, you will need to click ‘Reset or Create Password’ and then enter the email address you used when accessing our previous application portal. You will receive an email with your username and will be able to reset your password. You will then have access to the Foundation North Funding Hub.

I’m a previous applicant to Foundation North. I would like to log into the Funding Hub but have forgotten which email address I used (which I need to re-set my password). What do I do?

Contact us on 0800 272 878. We will check if you are listed against the organisation you are enquiring about and activate your log in. We might need you to send us an email so we can check our records.

My organisation was a previous applicant to Foundation North but the staff member who did the registrations/logins on your previous system has left. I would like to log into the Funding Hub? How do I do this?

Contact us on 0800 272 878. We will check if you are listed against the organisation you are enquiring about. If you are not listed, we might need you to send us an email for our records.

If I’m new to an organisation, how do I connect with that organisation which is a grantee of Foundation North?

• If you are new to an organisation, your Moderator can add your details in the Funding Hub with your email address. Once this has been added you will be able to go to the Funding Hub and click the “reset or create password” link. • Foundation North may already have your details on record as being associated with an organisation that has previously applied. Please contact us and we can connect you to your new organisation.

I’m a previous applicant to Foundation North. My email is a role-specific address – is this a problem for re-setting my password?

It is recommended that each user has a unique email address, we use this to identify who you are, in the database. If you are not sure, please contact us on 0800 272 878.

What happens if I forget my password?

You can reset your password in the Funding Hub. Click on the reset password password link on the welcome page – this will ask for your log-in email address and the link will be sent to this email address to create a new password.

Do I need a RealMe login to access the Funding Hub?

No – you do not need a RealMe login. Foundation North logins are by specific user email addresses.

How do I register my organisation?

Go to the Funding Hub Guide (in the Useful Guides part of our Funding webpage) for more information on how to register. You will need to first complete the eligibility quiz in the Funding Hub.

Do I need to register on the new Funding Hub even though I have already registered under the previous system?

No. In the Log-in screen for the Funding Hub click ‘Reset or create password’ and enter the email address that you registered with in our previous online application portal. You will receive an email with a link with your username and you can reset your password.

In the User Registration section, who is the Primary Contact?

This person is the main contact for a particular application. Foundation North has made the Primary Contact for a number of organisations the Moderator. If we haven’t done this for your organisation, please give us a call 0800 272 878 and we will make this happen.

Why can’t I register using a role-specific or generic email address, such as funding@communitytrust.org.nz?

The system recognises individual users by their emails. The email is unique to one person. Once someone has registered using a generic email, the system will not allow that email to be used again.

Can anyone in my organisation prepare and submit an application, and submit reports for my organisation?

Yes – but only the Moderator can amend organisation and people records. You will need to register as a user in the Funding Hub. You will need to call Foundation North so they can connect you to your organisation – 0800 272 878.

How can I see my organisation’s previous applications?

Log into the Funding Hub and go to the Requests section. In the card named Submitted you will find applications submitted that are still being assessed. In the Grants section, under the ‘Current’ card, this will give you information on your current (approved) applications, that is, your current grants. In the ‘Closed’ card you will find information on grants where the final impact report has been submitted and approved.

How can I apply under the branch or umbrella of another organisation?

The umbrella organisation must first agree to provide this support for your organisation, and understand their obligations if you apply under their umbrella. Your registration: When you register, you will be able to register in your own organisation’s name and tell us which organisation will act as your umbrella. Your application: When you are applying for funding, the application form will ask you to confirm the relationship. We will also need evidence that the umbrella group has agreed to support your organisation as an umbrella. This evidence can be by an email or letter and will need to be uploaded as one of the documents required when submitting your application.

How do I find out if my application has been successful?

An email will be send to the Moderator providing notification of the Foundation’s decision. You will need to login to the Funding Hub to get your decision letter.

What else will I need to know about my decision?

The Moderator will receive an email notification from Foundation North with the decision on the application. You will be directed to log in to the Funding Hub to see the decision letter, information on how your grant will be paid, any conditions that will need to be met and any reporting requirements.

Where can I see my decision letter?

A copy of the decision letter is available in the Funding Hub, under Grants – Current and in the ‘Documents to upload’ section.

I have Terms and Conditions that still need to be accepted and returned for my previous grant. What do I do?

Unless you hear otherwise, when you are ready to receive this grant from us, sign and accept the Terms and Conditions and email those back to us. We will then arrange for the grant to be paid to your bank account.

How can I find out what the Terms and Conditions for any grants from Foundation North are?

In our new Funding Hub, you will agree to our Terms and Conditions when you complete an application, that is, before a grant is approved. To see a copy of the Terms and Conditions that form part of any grant please check our website – Useful Guides, in the Funding webpage. A copy will also be available in the Funding Hub.

What information is in the Terms and Conditions?

Please check our website – “Useful Guides”. This sits in the Funding Page. The following are included in the Terms & Conditions: • Declaration • Payment of grant • Conditions on the grant • Acknowledge the grant • Final report/Impact Report • Timeframe for the grant • Privacy Act • Goods and Services Tax

What is an Impact Report?

All organisations that receive funding from Foundation North are required to complete an Impact Report when the grant is spent or the project/initiative is complete. Information is collected from the Impact Reports to help inform the Foundation on the impact that our funding has had and to help support the Foundation’s future strategic direction.

What happens if I do not submit my Impact Report?

Your impact report must be completed before the Foundation will consider further applications.

Where do I find my Impact Report?

The Impact Report template will be available to you in the Reports section when you log into the Funding Hub once a grant has been approved.

What happens if my Impact Report is incomplete?

Foundation North will send this back to you for further information.

What is a Progress Payment Report?

If Foundation North pays out the grant in 2 or more installments, you will need to complete a Progress Payment Report to uplift the second and any subsequent grant payment installments. We will provide you with information on the planned payments and when these will be made in your Progress Report template. You will need to submit your Progress Payment Report before each installment is made.

Are the reports inside the Funding Hub the same reports that I used to download from the Foundation North website?

Yes – these report templates used to be downloaded from our website. Your report is now in your Funding Hub. You can open, complete and submit your report though the Funding Hub. You no longer download it and send it to us via email or mail, the report is now completed in the Funding Hub.

What happens to my report once I have submitted it?

Foundation North staff will receive notification that the report has been received and will review this. If there are no outstanding questions, the next installment will be activated and paid into the bank account of your organisation. Your Moderator will receive an email to let you know when this has happened. If there are any questions, your Moderator will receive an email.

Are all Progress Payment Reporting requirements the same?

Some grantees may also receive multi-year or larger grants, which have more reporting requirements. We will agree with you what your reporting to us will be and you will be able to access this information in the Funding Hub.

My organisation received a grant prior to 1 April 2018 - what is the process for submitting a progress or impact report?

The process for this is explained in the Reporting Back part of our Funding webpage.

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