How often can I apply?

Organisations are eligible to receive a grant once every 12 months. Each funding area (People, Places and Participation) have two closing dates annually. If you received a grant in the first ‘People’ round (closing date March and decision date August) then you are eligible to re-apply in March of the following year as a decision won’t be made on your application until the end of your 12 month stand down period.

Can I apply for a Quick Response Grant and a Community Support Grant?

No. If you are successful in receiving funding then you are unable to apply under any other funding rounds for 12 months.

Can I re-apply if my application was unsuccessful?

Yes. If your application is unsuccessful then you don’t have to wait 12 months before re-applying. Prior to re-applying we recommend that you speak to a grants advisor to see how well aligned your application is to Foundation North’s priorities and policies.

My organisation operates outside of Auckland and Northland. Can I apply?

Not unless services are directly delivered or directly impacting on the Auckland and Northland region.

When will we hear a decision on our application?

For Quick Response, please allow up to eight weeks. For Community Support Grants please allow up to four months.

Can an individual apply?

No. You need to be a registered Incorporated Society or a registered Charity and have been operating for at least 12 months.

Can I apply for funding if my project is next week?

No, your project or activity needs to take place after a decision has been made by Foundation North. Applications take between eight weeks to four months to process so please check the decision date for the funding round you are applying to before submitting your application.

Do I have to apply on line?

Please contact us for a hard copy application if you are unable to apply on line.

Can I talk to someone about our application?

Grants advisors are available on the telephone Monday to Friday between 8.30 and 5pm to answer queries and provide assistance with your funding request. We also have regular community sessions where we are available to meet with groups. Please see our website and Facebook page for our next community sessions. Grants advisors may contact you for further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your funding request

How do I know if my project would be a good fit for Catalysts for Change funding?

A very small number of organisations (one to two) are funded under the Catalysts for Change programme per year. This is more than just a funding programme; organisations work in an engaged partnership with the Foundation and the Foundation’s Centre for Social Impact over a five-year period. Ideally organisations applying under this fund would have an established funding history with Foundation North. Please read the Catalysts for Change information (under what we fund) thoroughly, and speak Audrey McLaren, if you are interested in applying.

Do I need to have a committee resolution included with my application?

No you do not.

How many letters of support do I need?

For applications for Quick Response funding, a letter of support is required that is signed and dated. The letter should be no older than 6 months old and from a community organisation that you have worked with. For applications for Community Support Grants (over $20k), 2 letters of support are required. Both letters are required to be signed and dated and no older than 6 months. The letters need to be from community organisations that you have worked with. Please check our website for further information on Letters of Support

Do I need to supply quotes?

If you are applying for funding for equipment or building projects, quotes are required. Please check with our website for further information. Please note if your organisation is GST registered any approved grant will exclude GST.

When is the next closing date?

There are different closing dates for Quick Response Grants and Community Support Grants. Please check our website for our closing dates.

Do my accounts need to be audited?

Annual Accounts need to be included with your application. If your request is for less than $40,000, your accounts are not required to be audited. If your request is for more than $40,000 your accounts need to be audited by a person who has a recognised accounting qualification. Please check our website for information on annual accounts.

If my application is successful, when will the grant be paid into our organisation’s bank account?

If your application is successful, you will be required to sign a Terms and Conditions form and return to us before a payment is made. There may be additional conditions required, these will be noted in the Terms and Conditions form.

Do I need to send you receipts to confirm payment or invoices?

No. You are only required to provide invoices for building projects.

What time does my application have to be received on the closing date for my funding round?

Applications must be received on the closing date. If you are completing your application after 5pm on the closing date, staff will not be available to assist you if you have any questions about the application. Applications received after the closing date will be moved to the next closing date for your particular funding round.

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