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Systems Approaches

On these pages we share Foundation North’s responses to, and efforts to address, some of Aotearoa’s systemic issues.


Our commitment to climate action

Foundation North recognises that the growing climate emergency is a grave risk to our communities and planet. The scale of the climate threat and solutions needed reflect this critical issue facing every community. As a community funder, whose assets are held for public good, we play an important role. The way we invest and partner with communities to support a just transition to a low carbon society, with increased equity, climate resilient communities and better outcomes for our environment is a critical responsibility.

We aim to accelerate effective responses to climate change to ensure that everyone has access to opportunities arising from the transition to a low carbon economy. We recognise the costs and impacts of the shift to a low carbon society may be unfairly borne by already vulnerable communities.

Our strategic intent

We apply an inter-generational mindset to how we commit our resources, guided by Te Tiriti o Waitangi, including values of kaitiakitanga (guardianship and protection) and kotahitanga (togetherness). We will identify and prioritise opportunities for collective action on climate change, so that we can contribute to greater equity, and community and environmental resilience, health and wellbeing.

With this intent, Foundation North will seek through funding and investments to:

  • Accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Support an equitable and inclusive low-emission society
  • Understand and prepare, with communities, for the impact of climate change
  • Enhance kaitiakitanga and the resilience of our natural environment
  • Create and strengthen opportunities where innovative climate solutions can be realised

We also recognise the need to focus on our own operations and proactively take steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Climate action resources

In 2021 Foundation North supported research through the Centre for Social Impact to identify and outline the landscape of potential actions for funders in New Zealand, either individually or collectively, to accelerate the move to a carbon neutral society. Read The Funders Climate Playbook – High impact roles for funders.

In October 2022, along with other community trusts in Aotearoa, Foundation North became a signatory to the Funders Commitment on Climate Action.

The Climate Action Aotearoa website, includes some relevant resources in planning for organisational change towards a Net Zero future for both operations and stakeholder involvement tools.

The Shared Resource for a Tika Transition provides guidance for signatories to the Funders Commitment, for the philanthropic sector and for the communities of Aotearoa, towards a just, equitable, and tika transition that reflects our unique Aotearoa context.