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Let’s begin with some key information to get you started on your funding journey.
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1 Am I eligible?

Making sure your organisation can apply is the first step and can save a lot of time. You are eligible if you can answer yes to all of the following five questions:
Does your group or organisation have charitable purpose?
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Our funding is for not-for-profit groups and impact- led organisations doing charitable work (where no private or individual gain is generated). Many types of organisation are eligible - check our Who can apply? application guide.

Does your service, project or programme benefit Auckland and/or Northland communities?
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Can you provide key documents to support your request?
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We will want to see recent signed annual accounts, a detailed budget and one letter of support. Check Documents to Submit for examples of the documents, including budget templates and guides.

Have you checked that your service, project or programme is something we can fund?
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There are things we will not fund, and things we will only fund in a limited way. Check our Exclusions and Limitations application guide.

2 What grants can I apply for?

We have two funding pathways that are open all year, and that you can apply for online at any time, as well as specific funds available for fixed periods.
Up to $25,000

A decision is given within 2 months of receiving a complete funding request.

More than $25,000

A decision is given within 5 months of receiving a complete funding request.


A fund for new facility construction or major repairs, renovations, and upgrades. Learn more


An occasional fund to support Asian artists. Learn more


An occasional fund to benefit Pacific communities.



* We acknowledge that organising an event often requires some up-front expenditure. We don't fund retrospectively, so please submit your application for an event six months before the event date.

3 The application process

Our funding process at a glance - with timeframes for each step to give you an indication of timings to expect. Click on a step to learn more!
  1. Register here for the Funding Hub, our online application portal.
  2. Log in to the Funding Hub, complete your organisation profile and begin your application.
  3. Once you submit, our team will review your application for completeness.
  4. Once your application is complete, it joins other requests to be carefully reviewed by our assessment team. Find out how we assess.
  5. Once a decision is made, an email notification will be sent to you, and a decision letter will be loaded into the Funding Hub.
  6. If funding is approved, payment will be made within one month of any conditions being met.
  7. Within 12 months of the grant we'll ask you to submit an impact report.

4 Before you apply

Great you’re almost ready to apply! Remember that funding is contestable. This means each request is considered alongside all other requests for the limited funding available.

With a targeted approach across our rohe and our focus areas, we prioritise: Tangata Whenua, Pacific peoples, communities of Northland, communities of South Auckland, children and young people, former refugees, new migrants, Rainbow communities, people living with a disability.

Your request has a greater chance of success if it:

  • Aligns very closely with at least one of our focus areas, and
  • Is clearly for, by and with one or more of our priority communities.

We are particularly interested in activities that have regard to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Climate Action.

5 Helpful information

Apply now
Like to talk with one of our team directly?
Call our Funding Support Team on: 0800 272 878

Upcoming funding events

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Dates when our Funding Advisors will be out and about in the community.
Funding story

New Zealand Fashion Museum

The New Zealand Fashion Museum was the dream of fashion designer Doris de Pont, who believes that fashion can provide a window into the past and open our eyes to history.

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$83,000 in 2018 Community Grant
Focus area: Community Support
New Zealand Fashion Museum