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Questions? Take a look at our frequently asked questions - you might find your answer here.


To be eligible for Foundation North funding, the proposed project must demonstrate a clear charitable purpose, which means the core intention of your project is to benefit the community rather than generate private profit or commercial gain.

One of the most important things organisations with charitable intent do is provide a public benefit, but not everything that benefits the public is “charitable.” The general principles of charitable purpose are (but not limited to):

1. The benefit must be for the public or a sufficient section of the public
2. The benefit must be capable of being identified and defined
3. Illegal purposes or purposes that result in a harm to the community do not benefit the public
4. The benefit cannot be for the private profit of individuals

Applicants that are not registered as a charitable organisation, including Limited Liability Companies that do not have charitable status, must clearly describe the charitable purpose of the initiative for which funding is sought and set out clearly what is for-profit and not-for-profit activity

If your project is likely to generate revenue over and above what would reasonably cover the costs of the project, it is unlikely to be a strong fit with Foundation North’s status as a Community Trust and as such it will be ineligible.

No, individuals are not eligible to apply for one of our community funding programmes. Please check your eligibility against our criteria here.

Yes. We understand that to support some of the outcomes we want to achieve, we need to think about support for unregistered groups or to help groups become ready for applying for funding. Foundation North will continue to support unregistered groups by allowing them to apply under the umbrella of a registered organisation.

You will be able to register in your own group’s name and tell us which organisation will act as your legal umbrella/fund holder. Please note: both your group and the umbrella organisation must be registered on Foundation North’s Funding Hub. Once your registration is processed, you will be able to access the funding request forms on the Hub. Support documents will need to be provided along with your funding request by your group and the ‘umbrella’ organisation. 

Not unless services are directly delivered or directly impacting on the Auckland and Northland region. Please see our operating boundaries.

Please check your eligibility against our criteria.