Research and Resources

Research and evaluation are essential tools that guide the Foundation with its decision making, ensuring our communities get the maximum benefit from funding.

2018 publications

The Power Of Four: Lessons from the VOYCE collaboration

This report, written by Rachael Trotman of the Centre for Social Impact, focuses on the funders’ experience of the VOYCE collaboration, which also actively involved care-experienced children and young people, central government, iwi and the foster care sector.

2013 publications

Emerging artists pilot project

When research showed that there was little support for emerging artists in the Auckland and Northland regions, the Foundation launched a pilot project to find out how to make a difference. The Foundation wants to share the results with others looking to support emerging artists in their regions. To encourage this, a new publication Supporting Emerging Artists: A Practical Guide is now on our website and free to download.

2012 publications

Emerging practices in Philanthropy - Funder stories

Grantmakers’ stories of interesting funding practices are the subject of this report, produced by Philanthropy New Zealand. These funders provide examples of what GEO’s Jerry Sternin calls ‘positive deviants’ in the philanthropic sector in New Zealand – those who are trying new or creative ways to make a difference. The report sets out the approach taken and summarises key themes and insights from these funder stories, before presenting the stories themselves.

Youth Health & Development Fund, Evaluation Report 2012

The second report from the Youth Health and Development Fund is now available to download. This report describes the impact of the YHD fund on capacity development during the first two years of the fund and  includes stories of the most significant changes that those involved were able to make. The YHD fund provides multi-year funding, as well as support for capacity development and self-evaluation.

Lessons from the Māori and Pacific Education Initiative

He Akoranga He Aratohu is a 56-page document free to download from this website. It outlines and reviews the process created to identify, select and allocate grants to projects from Maaori and Pacific communities that met the criteria for MPEI.

It highlights key lessons learnt at each stage, considers MPEI decision making, suggests how the process could run more smoothly in the future and offers conclusions to guide innovative philanthropic and social practice generally. The document is for the Foundation and for MPEI participants. But others in New Zealand and elsewhere may be interested, such as community workers, social practitioners, academics, philanthropic foundations, community agencies and government organisations.

2011 publications

The impact of the Foundation’s Youth Health & Development (YHD) Fund has now been documented in a report which explains how the fund has helped build capacity in its first year of operation

Maori and Pacific Education Initiative publications

A series of articles backgrounding groups funded under the Maori and Pacific Education Initiative (MPEI) are now available to download as PDFs.

  • A summary think-piece Ma Tātou Ano Tātou e Kōrero which backgrounds MPEI, the grant-making process, key lessons learned and a list of those involved in the selection committees. (PDF 693kb)
  • A series of booklets, co-authored by the six groups funded under stage one, describing the application process and what they aim to achieve for the community
  • He Akoranga He Aratohu, Lessons to Guide Innovative Philanthropic & Social Practice. This booklet outlines the aims, purpose and achievements of MPEI so far

2010 Publications

Fraud in the not-for-profit sector continues to decrease, according to a survey by accounting firm BDO.

A summary paper documenting the dialogue between the Foundation and the seven largest Pacific communities in Auckland, in order to develop a Pacific strategy.

A summary documenting the Foundation's work to develop a funding and policy approach to youth health needs.

A summary of research jointly undertaken with other community trusts to develop an overview of the sector and its services.

A summary of joint research to investigate the key roles and functions of local government.

A summary of survey results investigating the extent of environmental grantmaking in New Zealand.

2009 publications

A summary of research into the prospects for social lending and investment by foundations in New Zealand.

A summary of research into the housing sector, in particular the issues of homelessness, housing affordability, housing habitability and emergency housing.

A summary of the Maaori and Pacific Education Initiative, the grant-making process, key lessons learned and a list of those involved in the selection committees.

2008 publications

A report produced to help the Foundation better understand the field of community economic development in the Auckland region.

A summary of a review of the effectiveness of externally provided education programmes in schools.

A resource for those looking for funding. It describes funding organisations - and how to get them to part with their money.

A summary of research exploring ways funders can make the process of applying for grants, and accounting for them, simpler.

2006 publications

A summary of research to help the Foundation develop a more strategic approach to grant-making for refugee and migrant communities.

A summary of joint research to help the Foundation understand and better respond to the growing needs of Auckland's Asian community.

A summary of research into resources available for capacity building in New Zealand.


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