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Investment Approach

We have developed an investment approach that we believe will help us to achieve our vision. We aim to preserve capital and still provide for a consistent level of annual grant funding, with the flexibility to respond to opportunities as they arise.


The Foundation is the kaitiaki of the funds for the people in Auckland and Northland in perpetuity. As such, the Foundation has a financial as well as social responsibility to its stakeholders.

Investing responsibly and integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors with regard to the impact on society and the planet into its investment decision-making (including those of the underlying investment managers) and ownership practices are aligned with the expectations of our stakeholders. As all investments create impact the Foundation aims to minimise harm and seek positive impacts while generating wealth.

The Foundation strongly believes that climate change is an urgent global issue to address and supports actions to help deliver the goals of the Paris agreement. As such, the Foundation targets the transition of its investments to achieve net zero portfolio greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner (referred to below as “Net Zero 2050”) with regular reviews for alignment with the target. The Foundation is a signatory of the Climate Action Aotearoa Funders Commitment on Climate Action.

The Foundation has been a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) since 2008. The UNPRI embodies an internationally accepted framework for investors to manage ESG issues in a manner consistent with improving long-term investment returns. The Foundation aligns its responsible investment approach to the UNPRI principles and prefers working with fund managers across all asset classes who are also aligned with the UNPRI principles.

Foundation North is recognised as a Responsible Investment Leader 2022 by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA). This acknowledges our commitment to responsible investing; our explicit consideration of environmental, social and governance factors in investment decision making; our strong and collaborative stewardship; and our transparency in reporting activity, including the societal and environmental outcomes being achieved.

The Foundation seeks investment opportunities that:

  • Advance climate change solutions such as reduction of carbon emissions in alignment with Net Zero 2050;
  • Advance environmental regeneration, nature conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, including air, water and land;
  • Manage the risks of climate transition;
  • Deliver positive impact for society.

The Foundation seeks to avoid investments:

  • In activities that are illegal in New Zealand and internationally;
  • In investments that inhibit the portfolio’s carbon reduction targets and the Foundation’s Net Zero 2050 objective;
  • In companies whose products cause harm regardless of quantity used;
  • Where engagement with the company is expected to be futile;
  • Where risk is not sufficiently compensated over intergenerational time horizons.

Accordingly, investments for exclusion include:

  • Controversial and nuclear weapons;
  • The manufacture of tobacco products;
  • Fossil fuels extraction through oil sands and thermal coal extractors;
  • Fossil fuels reserves exposure that is non-aligned with Net Zero 2050.
  • The Foundation takes a pragmatic approach to responsible investment and encourages further evolution in pursuit of continuous improvement.
PRI - Principles for Responsible Investment