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Investment Approach

We have developed an investment approach that we believe will help us to achieve our vision. We aim to preserve capital and maximise the funding available for granting, with the flexibility to respond to opportunities as they arise.


The Foundation relies on investment returns to provide the administration and grants budgets each year, making investment performance critically important.

The Foundation’s Investment Committee continuously reviews and adopts global best practices in the oversight of the Foundation’s portfolio.

Helping make those decisions is JANA.

Asset allocation

The Foundation’s asset allocation policy is categorised under four broad asset groups, or asset buckets, according to the primary roles that each asset class plays in the portfolio:

  • Growth Assets: the Foundation’s growth engine, consisting of both listed and private equity
  • Diversification Assets: which reduce the volatility inherent in an equity-biased portfolio
  • Deflation-Hedging Assets: providing insurance against a prolonged economic contraction
  • Inflation-Hedging Assets: providing insurance from an unexpected spike in inflation.