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Learnings from participatory grantmaking

13 October 2021   /   News & reports

A report released today - Pacific Future Makers: the story of a small grant fund designed and driven by young Pacific leaders - produced by our Centre for Social Impact, tells the story of Foundation North's first exploration of participatory grantmaking, the experience of those involved, and the effect on our relationship with the South Auckland Pacific community.

Foundation North has a 15-year strategy that includes a focus on increased equity in priority communities including Pacific Peoples and South Auckland. Back in 2019, Foundation North brainstormed how to increase wellbeing and equity in our Pacific communities, with communities leading their own solutions and changing systems. The idea was born to shift the power in the funding relationship and to put young people in the driving seat, based on their unique understanding and perspectives of their communities.

Foundation North committed $100,000 for the Pacific Future Makers Fund, and ten young Pacific leaders were invited to work together with the Foundation to distribute funding in a way that is more responsive to Pacific communities’ aspirations, to reach beyond the Foundation’s existing networks, and to deliver positive outcomes for the community. The group designed the fund, lead its promotion in their communities, assessed applications, and made funding recommendations to the Foundation.

Download the full report to learn more about the Pacific Future Makers, fund applicants, everybody's learnings, and tips for participatory grantmaking. View the report here.

The second phase of the fund commenced earlier this year, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth Development. Read more about this here.