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Adult Literacy Franklin

Focus area: Community Support
Adult Literacy Franklin

Adult Literacy Franklin is one of many literacy centres around the country committed to helping adult learners develop literacy, language and numeracy skills relevant to their work and family life.

A member provider of Literacy Aotearoa, they work with people from their community of all backgrounds, ages and ethnicities to help them regain their confidence. All of their programmes are tailored to meet the learner’s needs and are provided at no cost.

The centre’s trained volunteer tutors work one on one, and in small groups, with the students to tailor learning to each learner’s needs.

“Most learners self-refer to us, and are motivated to make changes for themselves and their families, what they may lack in formal education is often made up with a wealth of knowledge and life experience which is often not recognised as valuable and relevant.”
- Ray Reynolds, Chair
“Foundation North’s funding towards our operating costs helps us respond to an increasing number of learners wanting to access our services, and helps us maintain a safe, secure and friendly learning environment which encourages learners and tutors to focus on strengthening knowledge.”
"We support learners to strengthen and build on the skills and knowledge they already have and apply it to the learners’ goals. Learners create pathways for their own development and we offer the opportunity to gain unit standards as part of our programmes."
- Ray Reynolds, Chair