What we fund

Moemoeā | Our vision

Enhanced Lives

To achieve our vision, we are sharpening our focus so that our funding has impact in these focus areas.

Hāpai te ōritetanga | Increased Equity

Equity means that everyone in society is valued the same and has the same access to opportunities. An equitable society is one that is fair, without bias and where all people can thrive on their own terms.

We want to improve equity in our communities now and for future generations. We do this by supporting priority communities across our region to decide what they need, lead their own solutions and achieve their hopes and dreams.

Our priority communities are Māori and Pacific Peoples, as well as the wider communities of Northland and South Auckland. We also prioritise solutions that place children and young people at the centre.

We support activity that will lead to:

  •   Thriving tamariki, rangatahi and whānau
  •   Improved equity and wellbeing as Māori and as Pacific peoples
  •   Communities leading their own solutions and changing systems
  •   Tangata whenua as partners in decision making
  •   Māori and Pacific languages and cultures thriving

Whakauru mai | Social Inclusion

Social inclusion means that everyone feels valued and included as part of our society, can access opportunities and influence decisions that affect them.

We support approaches that reduce discrimination and racism and increase social inclusion. Former refugees, new migrants (fewer than five years in New Zealand), rainbow communities and people living with a disability are our priority.

We support activity that will lead to:

  •   Greater sense of belonging, acceptance and inclusion
  •   Inclusive laws and policies
  •   Equal access to opportunity
  •   Self-determination and influencing decision making
  •   Meaningful participation in society by diverse communities

Whakahou taiao | Regenerative Environment

A regenerative environment approach supports a deeper understanding of the relationship between people and Te Taiao (the environment).

We support joined-up approaches to conserving, restoring and renewing the environment so that Te Taiao and people can flourish together. Initiatives proposed by tangata whenua are our priority.

We support activity that will lead to:

  •   Ecosystems and communities being renewed and regenerated
  •   Mātauranga Māori (indigenous knowledge, practices and approaches) being recognised, valued and implemented 
  •   Tino rangatiratanga – community-led action for Te Taiao
  •   Connection and access to Te Taiao

Hāpori awhina | Community Support

Participation in positive activities improves community wellbeing.

We will support activity that will lead to:

  •   Communities coming together and social connection
  •   Access to and participation in community activities and spaces
  •   Increased skills and creativity
  •   Community pride
  •   Community resilience


Tō Tātou Rautaki | Our Strategy [PDF]