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Te Ira

PARS Chief Executive Tui Ah Loo and Turuki Health Care Chief Executive Te Puea Winiata came together to lead their organisations through the investment plan phase of the Catalysts for Change programme.

The pair formed a new entity called Te Ira which is designed to support whānau/families to break cycles of disadvantage. Their catalytic concept was developed through a comprehensive five-year plan to see Te Ira birthed and evolve. The investment plan period saw the project supported by the Centre for Social Impact in its development of the Te Ira social change framework, including theories of problem, change and action planning.

Putting this ethos into practice Tui and Te Puea have positioned Te Ira for a lean, agile and technologically empowered start up in 2016.

“From a Māori perspective, any new philosophy of leadership built on kaupapa Māori values must refer back to, and be informed by, a traditional cultural base. It must also address Māori needs and aspirations in regards to present day demands and conditions. But the philosophy must also embrace new ideas, new technologies and new strategies of leading. Much work has gone into developing the pathway and framework for the service delivery model, as well strengthening their partnership.”
- Te Puea Winiata, Co-Chief Executive Officer
“Foundation North provided an opportunity to reflect, discover and grow Te Ira by introducing us to the many diversities and opportunities that were available. It also provided a time for personal reflection and growth to broaden and challenge the status quo!”
- Tui Ah Loo, Co-Chief Executive Officer