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Funding stories

Good Seed Trust

Focus area: Community Support
Good Seed Trust

Built on the premise that strong families build a stronger community, Good Seed Trust provides a range of family services to ensure families are connected, supported and strengthened.

Good Seed Trust aspires to overcome the persistent inequalities of families in disadvantaged communities. The Trust offers a range of family services, including childcare, playgroups and after-school programmes. The programmes seek to offer equal opportunities and knowledge to help families thrive and reach their full potential. The longitudinal outlook of programmes means relationships have time to develop and support to families is ongoing.

Last year our funding contributed to a number of the Trust’s programmes, including the Leaders in Training (LIT) programme which supports the next generation of future leaders, Fathers & Kids which offers regular events for fathers to attend with their children, and a community playgroup, which gives families access to free early childhood experience for their young children.

Foundation North’s continued support is enabling us to continue to build a family hub of services that strengthen the family. Playgroup enables isolated parents to meet others in the community and contribute to their early learning journey. Fathers & Kids continues to build a group of men who enjoy spending time with their children, experiencing activities available but not necessarily accessed and also being challenged in their role as fathers. In 2018 we piloted Leaders in Training (LIT) for intermediate children. This was a great success in the development of resiliency and challenging expectations of
themselves and their families. The outcome is stronger families that are contributing to a healthier community.
- Grace Ikiua, CEO of Good Seed Trust