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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

Focus area: Increased Equity
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

Foundation North is celebrating Warmer Kiwi Homes and the warmth of a 15-year relationship with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) which has seen benefits for communities in South Auckland, Auckland and Northland.

What does an enduring partnership look like? Innovative organisations collaborating for the betterment of our communities, with positive impacts on people.

For over 15 years the two organisations have worked in partnership, with Foundation North contributing over $25 million to home insulation projects with EECA since 2005, contributing to the insulation of 12,653 homes in Tai Tokerau and 6893 in South Auckland. Most recently a grant of $1 million added to EECA’s $18 million investment enabling 6500 homes to be made warmer and healthier across Auckland and Northland.

“We are proud to have worked with EECA for the last 15 years in this collaborative approach. The positive impacts that this relationship has had on our communities is phenomenal,” said Peter Tynan, Foundation North Chief Executive.

“The benefit of having a warmer home is healthier people. People in the insulated houses say their homes are significantly warmer. There was a significant improvement in the self-reported health of adults and children living in the houses and visits to the GP were less. Adults in the workforce living in the insulated houses, are significantly less likely to report sick days off work, and children in these houses were less likely to have had days off school. Insulated homes really do have positive impacts on our people – lives are enhanced. ”

EECA Chief Executive Andrew Caseley says Foundation North is making a major difference to the health of its community by removing the financial barriers for lower-income homeowners.

“Foundation North funding has meant EECA can offer grants at no cost to the homeowner – I would like to say a heartfelt thank you.”

Both EECA and Foundation North partnered with South Auckland Production Company Bright Sunday 4pi to produce digital content highlighting the enduring relationship and the impact on the communities of Auckland and Te Tai Tokerau. The digital piece highlights employment for a local service provider GreenSide and how Ihumātao resident Mavis Roberts life changed as a result of a warmer home.