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Funding stories

Circability Trust

Focus area: Social Inclusion
Circability Trust

Since 2012, Circability Trust has been using the circus arts to break down barriers within society and offer programmes that are accessible to people with disabilities

Through its innovative community circus training programmes and skills development workshops, Circability Trust aims to promote inclusion, change attitudes towards people with disabilities, and help to build a sense of dignity and self-worth. Circus skills are taught through events, classes, performances and workshops facilitated by professional tutors, which are accessible and inclusive to people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. The Trust’s programmes help to empower youth with disabilities by teaching them new transferable skills, increasing their independence and helping to build confidence and friendships. The programmes also offer families and communities a space to connect, engage and participate together in activities that improve social cohesion.

Thanks to Foundation North people with disabilities are now finding work in the performing arts through our community circus training programmes. So far, our circus tutors were offering programmes for people with disabilities, but we are now at an ‘inclusive in action’ next step where people with disabilities are confident enough, trained, and transitioning to start working in the field. Our latest Foundation North grant has meant we can scale into Northland, so
trialling in an urban environment, moving to a rural environment where we know
there is a big need up north.
- Thomas Hinz, Creative Director at Circability Trust