Foundation North to launch new website

Thursday 10 December 2020

This year the importance of effective online tools has been more evident than ever, with more New Zealanders turning to online media to connect, work, socialise, and learn through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Foundation North took another step in the direction of better connecting online by presenting our annual report in a digital format this year, and in January we will launch a new website.

Our focus is on improving the overall user experience and accessibility of our website to assist first-time applicants wanting to discover their project's eligibility for funding from the Foundation through to existing grantees who wish to easily access the information and support they need.

Improvements to the website include:

-  A new design and structure which has been tuned to be more useful and that means the content on our website is more relevant and intuitive

-  New and improved search – keywords will return more relevant and current results to help you find information quickly

-  Helpful hints on our forms and guides. This new feature gives guidance where users commonly need it while working through our funding request process

-  Crafted multilingual welcome pages. Foundation North applicants come from a broad range of backgrounds, and we want to do a better job of welcoming speakers of languages other than English to connect with us. The welcome page will be available in 15 languages to help non-native English speakers to understand how Foundation North might be able to help them and to guide them in taking the next step

-  Optimised accessibility - this means people who rely on screen readers and other disability aids will have an excellent experience on our new website too

-  Contextual FAQ’s - anywhere on the site where we commonly receive questions, those relevant questions and answers will show right on the page, as well as in their own FAQ’s library via the new site search

-  A beautiful style to better showcase the incredible stories of our communities. If we have published a story about your project on our website, that will look much better

-  Multi-device - the new website will be easy to use whether you access it from a computer/laptop, mobile phone, tablet or other device.

What about the Funding Hub?

-  There is no change to the Funding Hub. Your current account in the Funding Hub will continue to work in the same way; it will just be easier to get there from our “front door”

-  ‘How-to’ guides for new funding requests will be easier to understand and follow. If you get stuck it will be even easier to contact us at the Foundation for support

-  Our printable PDF documents will still be available, and the site pages can be printed for those who work better with hard-copies.

We look forward to sharing a beautiful new website that we know will enhance your online Foundation North experience. We are committed to making our support easier to access online for any eligible applicants and the general Foundation North community. We welcome your feedback on the new website as it will enable us to maintain and update information and news that is important to you.

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