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Tai Tokerau Emergency Housing Charitable Trust supported through recent grant

26 January 2021   /   News & reports

Tai Tokerau Emergency Housing Charitable Trust (TTEHCT) provides short-term emergency housing for people in need within Te Tai Tokerau community, supporting their transition into more permanent housing and facilitating the attainment of skills and resources necessary to sustain a home in future.

“The safe shelter provided with is accompanied by support to identify the issues that have resulted in homelessness and time to stabilise the current situation with the aim of moving forward to sustaining a home and providing a stable place for their children to flourish,” said Funding and Projects Coordinator Vania Hamlin.

“This support comes in the form of dedicated social workers who work one to one with each family, and an on-site house manager for additional support. We have also this year managed to secure a budgeter to provide budget management support.

“To continue the service we provide our community, we need to ensure these costs are met into the future. The wrap around support provided is proven to provide better outcomes to our whanau and it is hoped this can continue. Providing shelter is the immediate need, the additional wraparound service provided through a social worker, budgeter and house manager ensures long term outcomes that are positive and fulfilling for our whanau and their children.”

Unfortunately, there continues to be an ongoing need for emergency housing in Whangarei which has increased exponentially with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is creating a real and scary situation in Whangarei. With looming job losses from major employers, increasing unemployment is going to have a significant impact on emergency housing need within the district.”

TTEHCT is working dedicatedly to ensure the resource is in place in preparedness of this increased need as well as continuing to provide the wrap around support by the team of Social Workers and House Managers.