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Our funding opportunities

We have two funding programmes that are open all year, and that you can apply for online at any time.

We also offer funding that works in new ways to achieve impact. These tend to be experimental programmes that are available for fixed periods, or on an invitation basis – see below for programmes that are currently open:

Foundation boundaries

If your organisation is outside the boundaries of our region, an application can still be considered if it will provide benefit to our region.

Please contact us to find out whether you should apply.

The Foundation's southern boundary is from Port Waikato Head following the Waikato River to the Whangamarino River, then along the Whangamarino River, before following the Mangatangi Stream to where it adjoins Mangatangi Road. The boundary then runs from the corner of Monument and Miranda Roads straight to Miranda. Our region covers all areas north of this, up to Cape Reinga and including the islands in the Hauraki Gulf.