Reporting back

If your grant application is successful, we ask each group to submit a report back to us so we can evaluate the good our funding is doing in our region.

If your grant application is successful you will receive a document explaining the terms and conditions of the grant.

Progress report

If your organisation is receiving its grant in instalments, one of the grant conditions is that you report back on how the first instalment was used before the next instalment is released. A progress report template is now available which steps you through everything we need to know. We encourage you to use the template when you apply for the release of funding instalments.

To apply for your second instalment of funding you will need to:

  • Print and complete the progress report form
  • Have your Chairperson sign it
  • Provide your latest financial statements (Please provide your most recent audited accounts and/or an up-to-date income & expenditure statement for the last three months).

Once you have finished writing your report, check it is signed, attach your financial statements, and then you can:

Final impact report

A final impact report is required at the END of your project.

An impact report template, already filled in with the details from your application, should have been emailed to you a couple of weeks after approval of your grant.

This is different from the progress report template. We send it early so that you know what we need to know at the end of your project, such as how many people were affected by the work you did with the grant.

If you have not received your impact report email, please email:

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