Our community funding programmes are designed to support initiatives that can help enhance the lives of everyone in our region. We look for applications to align with at least one of the Foundation’s outcomes, and ideally, to address one of our priorities. 

To achieve our vision, we will prioritise initiatives that respond to community aspirations and provide strengths-based opportunities to:

Address the persistent inequalities affecting our communities, in particular: 

  • Northland 
  • South Auckland
  • Māori communities
  • Pacific communities

Strengthen social cohesion within and between our diverse communities, particularly for:

  • Refugee-background communities
  • Migrant-background communities

Achieve positive outcomes for children and young people, to disrupt intergenerational disadvantage.

Enable community-led economic development, particularly for the communities most affected by income inequalities

Conserve and enhance our natural environment for the benefit of all communities in our region

Why these outcomes & priorities?

To better understand the priorities and aspirations of our communities, we have undertaken research, including interviews with key stakeholders and surveys of our grantees. The resulting evidence has helped us to develop a set of outcomes and priorities that we want for communities in Auckland and Northland.

These outcomes and priorities help us to decide what to fund – our funding decisions are guided by the degree to which an organisation can show that the purpose of its application aligns with the outcomes and priorities we want to contribute to.