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If your grant application is successful, we ask grantees to submit a report back to us so we can evaluate the good our funding is doing in our region.


If your application is successful, we require your organisation to submit a report back to us so we can evaluate the good our funding is doing in our region. Foundation North calls this report the “Impact Report”.  When the work that was funded by your grant is complete and you have the answers to all the questions in the Impact Report, please fill it out and send it back to us.  Please note, we won't be able to consider future applications for grants unless we have a completed Impact Report relating to this grant.

For applications approved prior to 31 March 2018 an impact report template, already filled in with the details from your application, should have been emailed to you a couple of weeks after approval of your grant. We send it early so that you know what we need to know at the end of your project, such as how many people were affected by the work you did with the grant.  

If you have not received your impact report email, or would like to return your completed report please email:

For applications approved after 1 April 2018 the impact report template will be available to you in your Funding Hub. The report template will be available to you under the “Reports Due” section. You will be able to return your completed impact report to us within the Hub. 



This is different from your Impact Report.  

If your organisation is receiving your grant in instalments, one of the conditions is that you report back on how the first instalment was used before the next instalment is released.  

We have successfully loaded your Progress Payment Report template into your new Funding Hub. This report template is available which steps you through everything we need to know. We encourage you to login in to your Funding Hub for the release of your next funding instalment. You will still need to upload your latest financial statements (your most recent audited accounts and/or an up-to-date income & expenditure statement for the last three months). Once this is ready to be uploaded, submit it through to the staff at Foundation North.  

The Progress Report template should be sitting in your Funding Hub under “Reports Due”.  If the template is not available, please give us a call and we endeavour to have this fixed as soon as possible. 

If you would like to continue to use the report template this is available:

Download progress report template in PDF format.

Download progress report template in Word format.

You will need to finish writing your report, check it is signed by the Chairperson, attach your financial statements, and then either post or email it to us: 

Post it: Foundation North, PO Box 68-048, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141

Email it:


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