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Community Grants

Funding of more than $25,000

A decision is given within 5 months of receiving a complete funding request.

Seeking funding for an event?*

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Community Grants help community organisations with larger funding needs, and can be multi-year grants.

We fund to our strategy, with a limited grants budget. Each request is considered alongside all other requests for the contestable funding available.

Focus area alignment

To be considered for a Community Grant, your application must align to one of the focus areas that Foundation North wants to contribute to.

Tap on a Focus Area to learn more:

Things to note

  • We cannot accept funding requests that are out of policy. See here for funding exclusions or limitations.
  • To ensure your funding request is considered, it must be complete. This means answering all questions in the organisation profile and application form and uploading all required documents.
  • We actively prioritise requests that benefit the priority communities of our strategy. See here for details on our priority communities
  • The decision time frame will begin once we receive all the required information, and we kindly ask that you allow up to 5 months for a decision.
  • We do not accommodate urgent or retrospective funding requests.
  • Funding is limited to one grant per 12 months per organisation. If your request is approved, you will not be eligible for another grant for 12 months from the date of approval.
  • *For event funding, please submit your request at least six months prior to the event date.

Applying for funding for a community building?

We will support community building projects (including heritage facilities and sports facilities) that strongly align with at least one of our focus areas. We will consider two types of community building projects:

  • Minor - small capped contributions for repairs, renovations, and upgrades of up to $25,000 under Quick Response Grants, or up to $100,000 under Community Grants.
  • Major - involves an Expression of Interest process for grants of up to $2 million for new facility development and will be considered by Foundation North every two years. Please contact us if you are planning a funding request for a capital building project. We will be accepting new Expressions of Interest for community building projects in 2024. 


    Your CG request can be submitted at any time. We work around six decision meetings a year and aim to give a response within five months of receiving a complete funding request.

    If you are concerned about when you might receive your grant (if successful), please call a member of the funding team on 0800 272 878, option 3.

    Yes. A member of the funding team is available 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. Call us on 0800 272 878, option 3.

    QRG – We aim to give a response within two months of receiving a complete funding request.

    CG – We aim to give a response within five months of receiving a complete funding request.

    We will send an email to the primary contact to advise that a decision letter has been uploaded to your Funding Hub.

    Useful Guides are available on our website to help applicants make a complete QRG or CG funding request. Each guide takes applicants through:

    • things to consider before you apply
    • how we assess a funding request
    • questions our funding request forms ask and the type of answers we are looking for
    • documents to submit and the assessment process

    Click here to see our Useful Guides.

    No. If you are successful in receiving funding then you are not eligible to receive a grant again for 12 months.