We have Community Grants available for over $25,000.

Community Grants help community organisations with larger funding needs, and can be multi-year grants.

Please note: if you are applying for more than $100,000 you must first discuss your application with a Foundation North funding advisor - call (09) 360 0291 or 0800 272 878.

There are no closing dates, and we will endeavour to give a response within four months of receiving a completed application. (See Timeframes below).

To be considered for a Community Grant, your application must align to at least one of the outcomes Foundation North wants to contribute to. Although applications for Community Grants do not have to be aligned to one of our priority areas, those that do will be considered more favourably. To read about the outcomes and priorities that the Foundation aims to support go here.

To check if your organisation can apply for a Community Grant go here.

For more information on applying for a grant visit our Useful Guides page.


We don’t have closing dates for funding applications, but to help with your planning, here is some information on when our Grants Committees meet, and the timeframes we’d recommend if you want your application to be considered at a particular meeting.  

We have 4 Grants Committee meetings each year:

  • To be considered at the April 2018 Grants Committee, we recommend you submit your completed application by mid-February 2018.
  • To be considered at the July 2018 Grants Committee, we recommend you submit your completed application by end of May 2018.
  • To be considered at the November 2018 Grants Committee, we recommend you submit your completed application by mid-August 2018.
  • To be considered at the February 2019 Grants Committee, we recommend you submit your completed application by mid November 2018.

Please note:

  • Your application must be complete by the timeframes above.
  • The earlier you get your application in, the better, as we then have more time to work with you to ensure your application is ready for consideration.
  • If you are applying for a grant towards an event, you are encouraged to submit your completed application at least six months before the event date.
  • All applications will be considered by the Grants Committee. Most applications will have decisions made at a Grants Committee. In some cases (e.g. for larger applications), an application must also be considered by the Board. Board meetings are generally a month after Grants Committee meetings and you will be notified if your application has to go to the Board.
  • Organisations are eligible for one grant in a 12 month period. We look at the “grant period” as 12 months from the date of approval of the grant. Your application can be submitted within the 12 month period, as long as the decision timeframe aligns with the 12 month period, e.g. if you got a grant in April 2017, you can submit an application in February 2018 and get a decision in April 2018.
  • Please ring us if you have any questions about these timeframes.