Lessons learned from MPEI  

Nga Maumaharatanga: Māori & Pacific Education Initiative

Nga Maumaharatanga jpgOur journey of forging philanthropic innovation together

March 2013

In this narrative contributors share their recollections of the early days of MPEI. They recall how the idea of a new initiative evolved, the reasons for and assumptions underpinning significant decisions, key contributions made, the challenges and concerns faced at each stage of the journey, and the highlights.

Frances Hancock crafted this record from in-depth narrative interviews with key contributors to the MPEI grant-making process, which included Trustees and staff of Foundation North, members of MPEI reference groups and selection committees and MPEI external consultants. She also drew on her extended interviews with some unsuccessful applicants and the successful applicants of the first grant-making round.

This narrative offers a taste of what the Foundation’s MPEI grant-making process looked like, felt like and worked like, for those involved in it. It represents the views of various collectives engaged in the process and individual perspectives.

Most especially it seeks to honour the vision of MPEI: Maa taatou ano taatou e koorero, We speak for ourselves, and to convey the strength that comes from and through collaborative leadership.

He Akoranga He Aratohu

Lessons to guide innovative philanthropic and social practice.

May 2012

He Akoranga He Aratohu is a 56-page document free to download from this website. It outlines and reviews the process created to identify, select and allocate grants to projects from Māori and Pacific communities that met the criteria for MPEI.

It highlights key lessons learnt at each stage, considers MPEI decision making, suggests how the process could run more smoothly in the future and offers conclusions to guide innovative philanthropic and social practice generally. The document is for the Foundation and for MPEI participants. But others in New Zealand and elsewhere may be interested, such as community workers, social practitioners, academics, philanthropic foundations, community agencies and government organisations.

We are pleased to be able to share this story with you. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about MPEI.


A series of articles backgrounding groups funded under the Māori and Pacific Education Initiative (MPEI) are also available to download as PDFs.